You know how in some simple,
purely organic moments,
the best ideas happen?

that's exactly how Wax That Tat was born,
and it's been a wild ride ever since!

Picture this: It's May 2018 and soon-to-be WTT Founders, Greg and Ray, were sitting in a hot tub sharing some jokes and laughs, a not-so-unusual occurrence. Ray had recently gotten tattoos on both arms; tattoos that he felt 'told his story,' and although the tats were still pretty new, they were standing out more than usual with the water on them. They looked vibrant and eye-catching - a way that you want your tattoos to look like, always!

Greg brought up the question, "why is there not a product on the market that makes tattoos POP like that, every day... but without the greasy feeling?!"

The two of them started listing off all the products they knew of, and why they weren't a product they'd personally use: some were too greasy, some weren't made with natural ingredients, some didn't work as well as they intended, and some didn't make you feel like they were even for tattoos - just "skin" with nothing else more special about them.

So why do they not buy any products specifically for their tattoos? Their answer came in two parts:

1) There were no products on the market that spoke to them.

2) There were products out there that didn't live up to their expectations.

So... Here is where the wheels started turning... "What if we created a company that formulated an awesome, all-natural product that ignited the senses and made people PROUD to show off their ink; their hard-earned life stories?!"

"And what would we call it?"

Wax That Tat was born 05/25/18 @ 23:15:00 ADT

After 18 months of formulation and now officially available for purchase, the Wax That Tat philosophy was, and still is: If it took an experience to inspire you to put body art on your skin, then it should be an experience to preserve it.

Wax That Tat is a call to action; a call to keep your story alive.